Members' Guidelines



Tuesday, Thursday,

 Friday                             Players MUST be seated by 12.50 pm

(Afternoon sessions)       Play begins at 1.00 pm


Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday                         Players MUST be seated by 7.20 pm

(Evening sessions)         Play begins at 7.30 pm.




Before play commences, one person from each pair will toss. Winner will sit N/S. Notwithstanding, the Director has the right to assign seats and grant sitting rights.



Last person (complete pair) sits at phantom table (normally table 3) and the director will toss for sitting position.



The same person may visit five times per year, otherwise a full subscription is due. Visitor table money is $5.00 per session.



Members should wear their name badges at all times. This helps all members but especially new ones and promotes a more friendly atmosphere.



See program rules for when substitutes allowed.  

Where number of qualifying sessions are less than the total number being played then the eligible substitutes are those that play first.



See notice board for current grading and handicap. An ‘A’ grade player has a negative handicap and a ‘B’ grade player has a positive handicap, as calculated at the beginning of the year.



The Director is in full charge of the play and the Director’s ruling always applies, subject to the right of appeal (Law 92) and subject to a Committee ruling under Law 80B2(f).

Directors are to:

  1. Announce the number of boards to be played
  2. Call the move and ensure West moves immediately
  3. Keep noise to a minimum
  4. Discourage slow play - persistent slow play to be penalized
  5. Use the electronic timer if desired
  6. Control heating and ventilation
  7. Advise scorer of any score amendments



  1. DO greet players courteously and give an outline of your system and special features (pre-alert).
  2. DO wear your name badge at all times.
  3. DO Practice Active Ethics. When asked for an explanation, give full details of your partnership agreement.
  4. DO bid and play to time. Endeavour to catch up if behind. Claim when you can, stating your line of play.
  5. DO call the Director for all infringements.
  6. DO accept the Director’s ruling without argument. You may lodge an appeal if there is a Demonstrable Bridge Reason.
  7. DO silence or turn off your mobile phone. 
  8. DO congratulate opponents’ good play.
  9. DON'T criticize your partner's or opponents' play or bidding.
  10. DON’T badger, profane, insinuate, intimidate, gloat, threaten, etc.
  11. DON’T lay down the law after an irregularity. Call the Director.
  12. DON’T detach a card from your hand prior to your turn to play.
  13. DON’T interfere with any player's enjoyment of the game.



The director must be called to rule on any infringement and scoring errors during play. The director’s ruling may be appealed and if not accepted, the complaint can be forwarded to the NZCBA on rule technicalities.

Rudeness or unbecoming conduct and other breaches of proprieties will normally be a Club matter and may be reported confidentially to the RECORDER.



Players are requested to:

  1. Tidy the tables and the room, and close open windows.
  2. Rinse used cups and glasses and place in dishwasher tray.
  3. Leave chairs straight.
  4. Put boards in the rack, leave tablets powered up on table.