Playing Sessions

Sessions, Start Times, and Convenors

Contact the Table Convenor if you would like assistance to find a partner for the session.

All players should be seated 10 minutes before Start Time.

Evening sessions.

Evening sessions must be completed by 10:45pm. However, every effort will be made to complete evening sessions by 10.30pm. No new rounds are to be started after 10.20pm unless agreed by all players.


Tuesday Afternoon

Start: 1:00pm 

Convenor: Lyn Dash 021 075 3827


Tuesday Evening

Start: 7:30pm

Convenor: Hugh Norton 021 400 140


Wednesday Afternoon Social Bridge

Start: 1.00pm

Organiser: Eliza Thomson 021 209 5140


Wednesday Evening Teams

Start: 7.30pm

Organiser: Gillian Travers 04 298 4554


Thursday Evening

Start: 7:30pm

Convenor: Jocelyn Graves 04 297 0967 or 027 668 9783


Friday Afternoon

Start: 1:00pm 

Convenor: Tom Tidey 021 029 94064